Improvisation and Ideas of Freedom
Sound and Music has invited David Toop to document his research into his upcoming book Hidden Music.

This book will examine the history, practice and context of musical improvisation, notably the post-1959 ‘school’ known as free improvisation. The source material will include primary research through face to face interviews, alongside systematic study of archive materials (personal, private and institutional), published and unpublished literature and interviews, film, audio recordings, photographs, magazine articles and personal experience. The intention is that it should function as a history, source book, theoretical overview and research companion for the theory and practice of improvised music.

This strand will publish this research, much of it interview transcripts. Interview subjects will include: AMM, Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Ansuman Biswas, John Butcher, Georgina Born, Anthony Braxton, Peter Brötzmann, Cornelius Cardew, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Alvin Curran, Martin Davidson, Angharad Davies, Terry Day, Hugh Davies, Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant, Max Eastley, Christian Fennesz, Milford Graves, Michael Henderson, Fred Van Hove, Susie Ibarra, Jin Hi Kim, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Phil Lesh, George Lewis, Radu Malfatti, Christian Marclay, Roscoe Mitchell, Evan Parker, Miya Masaoka, Kaffe Matthews, Modern Jazz Quartet, Günter Müller, Maggie Nichols, Pauline Oliveros, Polwechsel, Michael Parsons, Lee Patterson, Frank Perry, Courtney Pine, Sun Ra, Terry Riley, Keith Rowe, Joel Ryan, Victor Schonfield, Taku Sugimoto, David Sylvian, John Tilbury, Yasunao Tone, Phillip Wachsmann, Michiyo Yagi, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn.

In the cases where subjects have died, interviews have already been conducted.

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