Descripción de “Gipsy Rock” de Las Grecas en Honest Jon’s:

“Early-seventies funky rock exotica enlivened by Spanish, gypsy-style melodies and a fully working echo chamber”.

Y en Forced Exposure:

"The title of this album will give you a good idea of what it's all about. Las Grecas were a couple of young, rocking Spanish gypsy female singers in 1974 recording a whole album with some of the best studio musicians around. All songs have a strong gypsy flavor and flamenco roots, and the backing band is really, really rocking, with tremendous guitar work, some killer fuzz as well and a perfect, surely very expensive production. This is a very unknown flamenco-psych-rock album that will cause you big surprise, we can tell you, it's as good as you could expect when reading these lines. This is to Spanish rock what Erkin Koray, Baris Manço and Edip Akbayram are to Turkish rock."

(La reedición es al menos del 2007)

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