Later today, Pete Doherty, the Kooks, Billy Bragg, Imogen Heap, Orbital and many more will gather in a London studio, collaborating in a bid for this year's Christmas No 1. But the strangest bit is not the team-up: it's that they are not recording a single note. The ad hoc supergroup is assembling in support of Cage Against the Machine, a charity campaign to take John Cage's infamous 4'33" – a composition of pure silence – to the top of the Yuletide charts.

"According to Gottlob Frege, a formula “a=b” means that though both “a” and “b” denote the same thing, what “a” connotes is different from what “b” connotes. Let’s imagine the following situation: there are two persons in a room who are listening to the same sound; one is with the score of 4’33”, and another is with the score of Treatise. Though both scores don’t denote any sound but connote the way of listening, same actual sound is, in terms of the sound itself, shared by two persons. Nevertheless what one person hears (or listens to) is not the same as what another person hears (or listens to). It follows that music is not the sound, but also comprises the way of listening to it, isn’t it? But there is still a problem. How can we know the certain way of listening when music is played? We listened to music without having its score usually, and music doesn’t tell us the way of listening".

Taku Sugimoto en las notas para su disco "Musical Composition Series 2"

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