¿Ese Ray Brassier?


Well, we like to have fun (laughs). Is playing loud the only way I know how to have fun? No no, I also like to be soft. Did Jean-Luc tell you about this project that we're doing? We're about to release this concert we did in Niort with Seijiro Murayama last summer. We're all interested in philosophy, and Jean-Luc saw certain connections between the non-philosophy of François Laruelle and non-idiomatic improvisation. I already knew [philosopher] Ray Brassier in London, who'd organised some conferences on the subject of noise at Middlesex University, and he told me he did his Ph.D. on this obscure French philosopher, who turned out to be François. So Ray was the man to work with. We thought he'd want to do something with language, a kind of commentary, something like that, so we met up in Paris for a couple of days. And he said, I don't know what I want, but I know that I don't want to be "the philosopher", I want to be up there with you. So I was like, well what can you play? He said, well when I was about ten years old this nun taught me a couple of chords on the guitar.. and Jean-Luc was saying, fuck, I've played with too many bad guitarists. What's going to happen? Then we had this opportunity of playing the NPAI festival in Niort, and Ray picked up an electric guitar for the first time in his life. We had a basic structure worked out so that he would play solo for the first 15 minutes. So there he was, this guy who'd never played an electric guitar in his life, playing in a festival of improvised music. The whole concert was very intense, amazing. Many musicians who were there didn't like it at all, because there was something else going on other than just music. Other people really liked it. What we set out to do was to make people cry. And one person did! So that's what we're going to release. We learned many interesting things from that concert. Most importantly that you don't need to be a musician to improvise. Musicianship isn't all that important. How much can you expand the notion of improvisation? Get rid of the roles. Who is the philosopher here, who is the musician?

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Sí, ese Ray brassier.
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